4 types of guys all women want

As a woman fills up the chapters of her life, she might meet these four different types of men. These are the kind of guys that ladies want to tag as their partner when they change their Facebook status to “in a relationship.” These types of males are the ones that’ll make a woman fall for them and drop their panties without any hesitation.


It’s complicated

A good man is a hard find? Though how a man performs in be does matter, there is something more that tickles the ladies. Women get attracted to men based on their emotions – to fill their thoughts with romance. A woman becomes passionate as that is the response a man elicits. A woman has to be turned on for a sex dating, as she requires the switching on like a light. The potential partner has to find the light switch.

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The types of men women want are as follows:

The First. A woman will always remember her first time to hold hands, kiss, and make love. The man who got to achieve intimate things with her would be her infatuation. The romantic relationship would start with a crush, and develop the slow way, with giggles because of the thrill. This guy would typically make her feel corny, shy, and hesitant. At times, the first man would be the last, as puppy love can last a lifetime.

Crazy Love. This man will be the one who will sweep a woman off her feet with his childish ways. He will be persistent, unrelenting, and make her laugh with his antics. It’ll be like summer at the beach while with him, as the crazy affair will be fresh and breezy. With this type of guy, a woman will not know what he plans next, but she knows that he will pursue her by doing anything it takes to get her full attention. There will be a lot of fun times; however, the relationship might be an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The Rock. He will be as steady and reliable as possible. This man makes a woman feel calm while in his arms, as he fills her with a love that is endearing and enduring. He shall make it clear by his actions that he is the caption of their ship to steer her away from all others as they go through their journey together. This man might be a square and has rules that the woman has to follow.

The Right One. This man is the star of a woman’s “affair to remember.” It’ll be love and romance, to add understanding, as he typically will not be available. The right one will be there for a woman in many ways but cannot commit right now. The moments together will be that of illicit sex, and it will feel so good. A lingering love, there might be heartbreak as the right one goes away.

There are more types of men that women want. But, these four types are at the top of their list. If a woman wants to hunt for such a man, there is a nearly endless database to search. Apps for adult dating has many male members that are willing and ready to meet women who are looking for a mate.